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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 12/30/01 - 12:55:37
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Mello Yello was a short lived radio program back in 1981.  I believe there were no more than 10 shows ever broadcast.  I personally do not like the Columbia, MD, show because it wasn't that great of a performance.  Secondly, Mello Yello pressed the shows on an inferior grade vinyl yielding a poor quality sound on playback.

King Biscuit also recorded a show from the same summer 1981 tour in Saratoga, NY two days before Columbia, MD.  The Saratoga show is much better performance and sounds much better.  King Biscuit did not cheap out on recording their shows and used a high grMelloade vinyl.  

King Biscuit broadcast the most of the Saratoga (without Stairway to Cleveland & Mary) show in two parts.  The first broadcast was July 19, 1981, and was less than a month after the actual concert took place.  The second installment was broadcast on Jan 3, 1982 as part of the Best of the Biscuit which aired Girl with the Hungry Eyes, Wild Eyes, and FAPZ and deleted Save Your Love, Alien, and Rock & Roll Music, which aired on July 19.  

Both the Mello Yello and King Biscuit shows included Grape's, Mistreat Her, from her just released solo album, Welcome to the Wrecking Ball.  I guess it was her answer to the lust over production on Dreams that lead her to a heavy metal sound on Wrecking Ball.  Had she continued her solo career, Wrecking Ball would have wrecked her career entirely.  Her coming back into the band in 1981 was a big mistake on the part of the band.  During the 1981 tour she didn't sing with Micky Thomas as a team.  It was more of an Olympic shouting match between the two.  It was until a year later when they finally started to click as a singing team and in 1984 they really sang with each other as opposed to at each other.  

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