Testimonial re: a certain A-deck gentleman's culinary skill

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Posted by Cricket on 12/30/01 - 12:24:49
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Hey, Liz...

     Good morning!  Forgive me, you & anyone else reading this who might be feeling hungry. Not wanting to stir envy but just to celebrate art (esp.by people here), I have to tell you about some of the stars in Ray's kitchen firmament last night:

gloriously garlicky portobello mushrooms perched on thin-sliced comet tails of tomatoes & basil chiffonade, transported on perfect little olive-oil brushed toasts;

adjacent galaxy of fresh, just-in-season butternut squash risotto (golden-orange planets, surrounded by distinct stars of arborio rice "holding together" [as the song goes] gravity-like, in a primordial ambrosia of subtle wine, butter, & unspecified magic);

and then,
the unmistakeable
of god
appearing as a winged bird
(oh shit,
not another Dionysus thread!)
& reborn,
to be reborn again.

Blessings on that
for revealing itself to Ray
in the market
& riding home with him
for its
"appointment with destiny."
Best Coq au Vin I've ever tasted!

Thank you, Ray, Eth, & winged gods...


p.s.  So WHEN are you coming out here to visit, Liz?

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