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Posted by Scot on 12/30/01 - 10:01:36
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I don't recall the "Starship" having a
terribly tough run of it in the 80's.
They managed consistent rotation on MTV...
that didn't appeal to the Airplane/60's-
type fans, did alot of excellent concert
touring, and held chart positions with
alot of singles including 3 at #1. All
of this during a decade of personnel and
name changes...
(Jefferson Starship>StarshipJefferson>Starship)

Not that this is entirely a good thing, but
commercially they did pretty well. And to the
members that raked in the money due to "hits"
and MTV, most of them stuck it out for the ride
and seemed to enjoy the makeup and pop-style
clothes. Remember Grace's "nuclear chair" ear-rings and Paul's makeup in the "No Way Out" video?

"I'm laughing all the way to the bank!" - Liberace


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