Passion and Relevancy

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Posted by Keith E Rice on 12/30/01 - 02:50:15
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Have you seen what David Crosby says about Paul on the CSN Site? Calls him the "most committed human being" he's ever personally come across.

And that's from the Croz - not exactly a political nonsayer himself!

Passion sure has its place. It gets things done...and sometimes kills people in the process. Osama bin Laden sure is passionate about his hatred of the US. And Ronald Reagan sure was passionate about his support of the Contras. Pol Pot was passionate about the need to exterminate intellectuals; and Truman was passionate about saving American forces' lives by dropping the bomb on the Japanese.

Without people willing to stand up and be counted for what they believe, things change only very slowly. Passion can change things dramatically - violently! - so it can be a very dangerous thing.

I've been passionate about JA/JS for nearly 34 years- discovered them in Spring 68. I'm passionate in my belief that from 65-78 they made some of the most wonderful and important music on the planet- and not only that; but also that they represented "something". Spirit? What Kevin calls "Symbol"? And, undoubtedly, this "something" had its core in Paul Kantner.

He was the only constant; and it was his songs and style which most typified the sound of the band.

And because I'm so passionate about what the Airship were, I don't always get on too well with Paul's rump JS. So I mouth off and upset some people on this board. (Would I be better off at 2400 Fulton? - where Kantner is not held in anything like the godlike esteem he is here. But I just can't deal with 100+ e-mails a day!)

So would my passion be more relevant on 2400?

What's the point of having passion if no one cares about your passion?

JA's celebrations of new freedoms and challenges were hugely relevant to the new hippies of 67. Paul's political tirades were hugely relevant to the post-Chicago anti-war protestors of 69. Marty's love songs were hugely relevant to the politics-weary post-Vietnam/post-Watergate Americans of 75.

Craig's pomp-rock posturings of 82 were not quite so relevant to ?.

Of course, you can't measure relevancy just by tickets sold and chart positions. Nonetheless, they are good indicators.

I'm pleased you still find Paul's stuff so relevant. I obviously must find some relevancy in it too - or I wouldn't contribute to this board and still buy his albums. (When they're available in the UK!).

However, an awful lot of people don't see Kantner as relevant these days. Do interviewers phone him up for his opinions every verse end like they did in 71?

Asked - with "Miracles" at the top of the charts -why he threw over Bodacious to rejoin the Airship he affected to despise, Marty said: "I don't want to be a great singer nobody's ever heard of. I need an audience."

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