The Return of Rollo ...

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Posted by Rollo Rurpentine on 12/29/01 - 17:59:47
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Rollo is a cat who was locked away in a lab in Crystal City making far out TV headsets that everyone in Crystal City had to wear.  The work in the lab lasted 23 hours a day and every two hours you had a sex break and electronic relaxors that give you 8 hours of sleep in 10 minutes.  one day after being dosed with funky ass AM pop rock radion Rollo snapped.  So the man came in a took Rollo away and flushed him out to the slag heap.  

Rollo made it across the wasteland to saved by Jumpin Jack Flesh and his Mighty Hog Farmers.  Rollo was given real food and sleep.  After Rollo came back to life with the help of Jumpin Jack Flesh and his Hog Farmers.  After dinner Rollo was treated to a far out night of Jumpin Jack Flesh's Grunter's woopin it up.  Rollo realized then he was lived his life with crapped out pop.  

Rollo decided he needed to save the other dudes and chicks at Crystal City.  So he approached Jumpin Jack Flesh about bringing the Grunter's ass-klickin home fried boogie woogie to Crystal City.  

Jumpin Jack Flesh liked the idea and decided they would build something out of old newspapaers and baling wire.  Rollo took and old Jap radio and turned it into a powerful transmitter so the Grunters could broadcast from their airship into Crystal City music that will be their salvation.  The Grunt Farmers, Jumpin Jack Flesh, and Rollo got onboard the airship and sailed to Crystal City.

The Good Ship Grunt was airborne and circling high over Crystal City transmitting their wackydoodle boogie into Crystal City.  The office s of the Kosmic Kharma Kontrol were blowin circuits and losing control on the populace of Crystal City.  Their lives were saved by Jumpin Jack Flesh ...

To be continued ...

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