only ''crime'' is playing in park....

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Posted by Kb on 12/29/01 - 16:19:29
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with no

we [J*S] have been denied show permits for decades
[and snuck in under greg kiln's permit to debut
the new post germany "boys club" 22 yrs ago 5/12?]
not all that eazy to cover the HUGE dragonfly &
red octopus on our semi truck w/packing blankets!!
they will offer the bandshell [in GG park] but..
paul [me2] has a fondness for speedway meadows.
lindley or marx meadows have also been great too!

have been plotting the flatbed deal for a long time..dont tell a sole..shhhhh

just kidding about jail time..SFPD loves paul..
most of them are/were fans years ago..still?
now the Utah desert PD [or Ohio} is another matter

in good old rainy SF

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