...in the dog house!

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Posted by Liz on 12/29/01 - 16:03:30
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Hey Don!
I've been living the 2 dogs/no husband thing for awhile...
Although I enjoy my life, I must admit that there are moments when I question my sanity (like, waking up next to a 100 lb. lab, with a golden retriever sleeping at my feet), and my inner child wonders what happened - where's the loving husband, the 2.5 children, the white picket fence?????  I guess I traded that concept in for frequent flier miles!  My Irish gyspy heritage is to blame (or THANK!) and  given the chance to re-live my life, I wouldn't change a thing!  However, I do think that 2 dogs is the limit.......   WOOF!!!!!   Liz  

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