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Posted by don aters on 12/29/01 - 15:22:00
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It doesn't matter if it's on a flatbed truck, The Warfield or a closet.  If JS palys and jack is somehow lured into the fray, I will go.  I've been to Boulder, Chicago, PennsylvaNIA, nyc, sAN fRANCISCO, cINCINNATI, lOUISVILLE, AND A ZILLION OTHER PLACES.
wHEN I WAS A KID PLAying in bands, jack casady was my hero. an obvious choice for a bass player.  Jack isn't just a bass player.  He defines an era, he is a symbol of the times and the music and he didn't get into The Hall Of fame on the deeds of others.  Jack Bruce, McCartney, Jaco Pastorius, Entwistle, Wyman.........and Jack are the key players of the era and expand the parameters of their genre on a yearly basis.
Some contemporaries have garnered attention, Dave Schools, Allen Woody (perhaps an equal to Jack, and a good friend)and a few others but......even when in the fields of Vietnam, I couldn't wait to get home and look into what JA was doing and Jack.
Heroes are good for the doul and Jack Casady is as much an icon in society as he is in music.  
Much like "Field Of Dreams", if he builds it, I will come.
(I should retype this but feel like hell so......deal with it

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