walking in general & Ethel's concern

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Posted by Don Aters on 12/29/01 - 15:09:38
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Such a nice woman...........I hate to sound so mundane and macho about injuries, i.e., illness but, after a decade of plastic surgery and rehab years ago, i doubt this will be a detriment in terms of what I want to do.
Marriage?????  Hmm, i was married when I first got home as a kid from the war.  Got caught in the middle of one of the race riots and a few Black Panthers reied to kill me with a five pound pipe.  Took a decade to heal but you can'tt expect someone 18 to wait around for you to heal, so it was more of a technicality than a marriage.
Have an adult child and my sister left her four on my doorstep years ago (7,6,5 and 3)to run off with some idiot.  They are all grown and married now so.........they aren't biologically mine but mine none the less.  
It's my ggod deed in life, probably the only good thing I've ever done but beats doing nothing.
Plenty of cances to get married but....always kind of defensive after the incident.  I think i will give it another two years and if not married by then, another dog may be in ordr.

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