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Posted by Cricket on 12/29/01 - 11:49:31
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Lovely prayer/ poem to Athena -- thank you! (& for the website info, too)

She's been both an inspiring & a problematic figure to me.  Inspiring because of her strength & intellect & courage; problematic because of all the issues associated with her "motherless birth," i.e. springing from Zeus (her father)'s forehead.

From what I've read (translation: what the hell can I actually know here?) her birth and subsequent "de-sexing" (admittedly, only one of many ways to read the portraits of her as "pure intellect", etc. or her virginality) seems to have been used by anti-matriarchal forces in Greek society to support the shift to patriarchy & the suppression of matriarchal culture & matrilineal lines of descent.  (Best evidence for this, that I know of, comes from Jane Harrison's "Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion" and "Themis".  And, ohgod, Kev, if you're reading this, hear me pleeeez: I swear I ain't agitatin' for matriarchy.  There was a lot worth suppressing!  & much to be said for, uh, rational thought.  But on the other hand...)  

OK, enough.  
I loved the poem/prayer that you found, Robert --

& for M.C. & whoever else might be shifting in their seats here:
trust me this time,
there is LATENT MUSICAL CONTENT in this post:

Athena hung with Apollo (hmnn, Ath/Eth? -- ok, I'll stop),
Apollo played the lyre,
from this we get lyrics
& now we're
& I'm going...


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