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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 12/29/01 - 11:41:58
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"What some hard-core Slickantner fans had difficulty accepting, though -- as indeed, they still do today -- was that Marty's return also brought a return of the "SURREALISTIC PILLOW"-era pop sensibility."

Keith there are several things I would like to address with you on your current post.  But time doesn't allow me to go into everything I want to at the moment.  You lost me on what you mean by the pop sensibility of Surrealistic Pillow.  Could you please explain that a little more?  

I always believed that Surrealistic Pillow was a trendy sounding album that was more of a hybrid product of the times.  Surrealistic Pillow always had a certain California surf guitar sound and is absent of any pop sensibilities.  

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