Dreams for 2002

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Posted by christo on 12/29/01 - 11:28:38
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1. a new recording by JS featuring new material - well recorded - preferably acoustish - I don't care how big the label.

2. one track I would like to feature Signe, Grace, Darby, Diana and China together. (How about an acoustic version of Women Who Fly?

2b (or not to be)- OK pushing it here, but how about another track with the male singers of Jefferson Airship - Paul, Marty, Mickey, Jorma, Jack Traylor, Johnny Barbata, Joey Covington, Spencer Dryden, David Freiberg, others I've forgotten... - a track like the Crosby What Are Their Names - they wouldn't have to be in the dsame room at the same time...OK - so I wont hold my breath for this.

3. PERRO on CD release with or without the book

4. I actually win an ebay for Grace's Dreams CD where it hasnt shot way out of my price range.

5. JS come to the UK on a day I aint working

6. no more pro-versus-anti Mickey discussions on the board - been there, done that. Whatever you dig - enjoy it.

7. Websites up and running where I can see Ethels and Liz's art.

8. Things look up for Don and Donna Yukiah

9. and ninethly...

10. a Darby Gould recording in any formation - recorded in her house with an acoustic would be a start.

11. people stop killing eachother

that'll do for now...
I reckon it could all be achieved by the end of January - we'll all have some fun by crossing each one off as it gets done huh?

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