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Posted by Eth on 12/29/01 - 11:12:58
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Keith, Your thorough discussion was well organized
and exceptionally objective.  Very informative.
Thank you for putting that together for us here!

Only the last paragraph calls for a response.

Keith wrote:  "Paul may still have passion - perhaps too much of it! - but his JS is generally irrelevant except to me, Kevin, the other hardcore fans who populate this Site and as a footnote to Airship history. Mickey is merely a good showman going through the motions to entertain people and supplement his income. Paul plays in small clubs and puts out live oldies records via the Internet and tiny obscure labels. Mickey plays his greatest hits to reasonable-sized audiences at county fairs."

Eth wrote: I don't think you can have TOO much passion, Keith. The world is full of apathy, mediocrity, pain, and need.  And I'm not like you.  I'm NOT objective.  I LOVE Paul and ALL of his poetry and courage and stamina and bravado and honesty! Let's admit it shall we---Paul is an extraordinary ARTIST.  Not every performer is a CREATIVE ARTIST with the same power.  Come on!!!

And the music OLD or NEW is NOT irrelevant!  The unfortunate masses are simply not receiving JS benefits for a variety of reasons---BUT I AM!! HA!!  

I also think the current artists might not appreciate your characterization of them as hired hands--even if your point has any validity.

By Keith: "I don't see the problem.  I thought Americans prized freedom of choice?"  

Of COURSE!  RIGHT-O!!!   Mickey can choose his venues and his songs, and Paul can choose his venues and his songs.  NO problem!   And then we can all choose which concerts would inspire us by attending them!  SEE?----it does work!  

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