Kissing Up To Paul Kantner

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Posted by Scot on 12/29/01 - 10:40:12
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All of these negative about "Mickey",
"Starship", "Mickey's Fake Starship"
are ridiculous. I honestly believe that
alot of the faithful here feel as if
they're doing Paul and Jefferson Starship
some big honor by denouncing the Thomas era
and the 80's Starship (which had 3 #1 hits).
Now I understand "hits" aren't popular to
those of us who prefer creativity...but it
is a fact that Paul, Mickey, and Grace had a
very successful run together as a band. Give
it the respect it deserves and retire the
unecessary criticism. Paul could care less
what anyone's opinion is about "Starship",
"Mickey", or "We Built This City". More
important topics of the history of this band
should be about the future. What new music
is to come for us.

Peace and LOVE,

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