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Posted by Kb on 12/29/01 - 05:19:23
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know all that..stuff..jeezze
all the way from the UK too? cool..
several small errors i wont mention but..

KBC lasted many years..we toured europa too [x2?]

a show i worked last year was in front of 25,000
the deal we did with grace in LA had about 16,000
MT [bless his southern heart]was in some casino
that week playing for 200 drunks with free tickets

the JS just played for LOT of people last year,
that paid to come see them..and drove a long way.
the county fair circut we used to do alot in 90's,
and the gigs Mic has coming up are "soft ticket"
country fairs, city partys..people come to the
event..regardless who is on the bill, believe me.
nice work if you can get it and deal with citys.
but after a thousand gigs..of every possible kind,
will take the theaters & clubs full of real fans anytime! thats my 2 shillings worth mate.
look forward to seeing you on that side of pond!

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