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Posted by Eth on 12/29/01 - 02:42:49
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Great idea, Kevin!

The Dead always had sports before the shows!
Charity show--even better!  I can HELP.
I'm a good organizer---especially if it's SUMMER.
Dreams are good to have, and are often realized.

Stickball is a good one.  The Brits must attend.  And we can have a 2400 Fulton/A-Deck tug-o-war, too! Art show on the sides!  We'll show Marty, Grace, Prairie, Liz, Ethel and many more!
Heck-let's have a Festival-and invite other bands, too!  Now I'm gettin' carried away.....

It can be a Fuck Fear Festival---isn't that euphoniuous, now!  Grace can be the mistress of ceremonies, and also perform, in our most finely crafted dream.

We saw a VERY disturbing, SOMEWHAT amusing, intricate film this evening, all about "dreaming/virtual/future" etc. called Vanilla Sky.   Yikes...............................!!!

It's not our sweet little dream above, in the least.  AND to think some folks would even be scared by THAT!  

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