The Return of Rollo Turpentine

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Posted by Rollo Turpentine on 12/28/01 - 23:07:32
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Hello Y'all and I hope the first part of the holiday season was festive and good for all of you.  Only New Years left and then its 12 months until the next holiday season.

Eth, thank you for your holiday wishes in an earlier post.  Liz, thank you for your greetings as well.  And to everyone else, line up at the bar, as I am mixing the holiday libations.  If I posted this earlier I would have passed out eggnog to y'all.  

So Eth & Ray, Cricket, Liz, SantaGoombah, PK, MC, Web Master, AMPM, Rush, MIA Tara, Ron, Don, KR, and everyone else ... I'm backkkkkkkkk ...................


PS....for those who forgot who I am.  Remember I put the R after my first name and before my last name ...

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