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Posted by Kevin R Schmidt on 12/28/01 - 22:51:15
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2400 has its place for certain people.  Overall the site never did much to motivate me to post anything.  I personally like the chemistry of the different personalities on A-Deck better.  

The freedom of expression is more creative on A-Deck for me at least.  Sure I had fun writing my parody from last summer on the Emperor is wearing no clothes, as well as my other lampoons.  I made my point and tried to inject some fun and humor to make my point.  All of us had fun with Malibu Barbie, we shared our fears and opinions regarding September 11, talked about music, and general banter.  Sometimes we laughed, were bored, and got mad at each other.  But in the end we all get along and that is the most important lesson all of us can learn from our experiences on A-Deck.

As for a competition.  Last summer I believe it was Mission Control who asked about where to get a stick to play stickball.  Well, that post gave me the idea last summer that I am about to bring up now.  It was too late last summer to bring this up.  But other parts of this thread seem appropriate to raise it here and now.  

What do you Bay Area locals think about the possibility of planning a Jefferson Stickball game in Golden Gate Park and maybe raise some money for a local charity?  

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