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Posted by John O'Malley on 12/28/01 - 14:48:05
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thanks to an older cousin Modern Times was my first introduction to Jefferson Starship. I had seen the early 80's videos of theirs on MTV and I remember the brouhaha that ensued when Paul Kantner exited. When "Starship" appeared and had those huge hit songs that were overplayed to death, I quickly moved on like most teenagers at the time.

It wasn't until last fall that I re-discovered the Starship/Airplane..when I picked up Windows of Heaven..since then I've discovered/re-discovered a wealth of awesome songs.  I still really like FAPZ, Modern Times & Winds Of Change (don't have Nuclear Furniture as of yet) and Mickey Thomas is a pretty good singer..but he has no credibility with me.  How many songs did he actually write during his Starship stint? Attaching his name to Starship these days is just plain sad.

Jefferson Starship 2001 has been a real treat, and the two shows I saw further proved the timeless qualities of their exciting music over the years.

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