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Posted by Scot on 12/28/01 - 11:25:34
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1985...same original band members (minus Paul and David)and same management continue on with the SAME record company "Starship" after everyone agreed with Paul to drop the "Jefferson". Disagree with the musical direction and change of style? Sure...Paul and David's honest concious led them in a different direction too...but to keep bashing Mickey and saying "Starship" wasn't the band that formed in 1974 is unfair. It was the same band with new ideas whether liked by all or dispised by many. Mickey has a great voice and was excellent with Grace...on MTV or otherwise...the band was very successful during that time. Personally, I prefer Jefferson Starship reinvented today the way it seems Paul had intended it to be...alot more creative. But I consider myself a TRUE LOYAL FAN that has appreciated almost everything the band has done...except the No Protection album ('87). This is a topic that comes and goes here on A-Deck...and as long as I keep reading negative comments about Mickey or otherwise...I'll keep reposting my views on the matter. I've met Paul, Grace, and Mickey...they never trash or dis anyone or anything about the history of "Starship" (Jefferson or whatever). Just ask them. Last summer, Mickey himself told me that "Windows Of Heaven" had some "pretty good stuff on it". Disagree or dislike? Of course...but they wouldn't have experienced the success they have if they had all been so negative about one another.

Peace, Love, & Happy New Year...


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