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Posted by Terry on 12/28/01 - 11:06:11
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An outstanding journalistic report of the year.  I only saw two shows, but I've heard a few others--what a year!

(I'll quietly cast my vote for "Wolves" as the year's best song--Alexander and Epic were still a bit rough around the edges, but hopefully polished up by next time...)

This band has been great ever since I first saw TNG with Darby back in 1993--but I agree, 2001 was the best ever.  Prairie, Chris, and Slick really flesh out the instrumentals, and the songs they've resurrected continue to amaze me.  So much better than the late 1970s (post-Red Octopus), when we'd be lucky to get a handful of songs that weren't "accessible" to the masses.

Now, if Diana could get the lyrics to Hyperdrive right JUST ONCE--ahh, but I'm not complaining...


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