adding up spare change.......

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Posted by Liz on 12/28/01 - 00:41:46
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2 cents from you, two cents from me,,,,
does it add up to anything????
Our Kevin is a more of a dear friend who sometimes drives people crazy...
Paul I. was out of the fcking ball park with regards to things Jefferson...

I went over "there" to seach for some words of Paul I. to share, to help you understand, but couldn't find any.  He made some really good points, he clearly LOVES the music and wants people to open their minds to the wonderous possibilities that this life offers, but his arrogance, or frustration , seemed to negate anything positive he had to contribute...  or so it seems to me.  

I would welcome him to conversations here, but it would be with open arms and eyes shut tight because I'd be afraid he'd say something sure to alienate everyone reading these messages and I don't think that that is what we are looking for here at this time.

I was listening to the PERRO CD I sent to you and the other ladies of this site.....   I'm going to have to try to fix it, seems way too distorted.... could be that I don't know what I'm doing???? YES.....  I still kick my computer when it doesn't do what I want.... could that be the problem????????

I will keep trying, for that is what I do, but I can only pray that Mr. Kantner provides us with the REAL THING     SOON!!!!!!      Liz

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