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Posted by John B. Krug on 12/27/01 - 22:55:51
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...There are lots of good people at 2400 Fulton. I've met some of them at get togethers before JS concerts in the SF-Bay Area or in Santa Cruz (CA)... We seem to get along okay...As for the Fulton message board itself, it's only as positive or negative as the input it receives. The delete button also works...I think it could be argued that Jeff Zahnen's "Fly Jefferson Airplane" site which is the home of 2400 Fulton has been helpful to keeping interest in JS and the JA legacy alive in recent years. I don't take it for granted and I certainly appreciate it for what it is... Thanks Jeff Z!  Just my 2 cents! Happy New Year! Best Regards!  John B. Krug

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