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Posted by Ethelette on 12/27/01 - 22:35:36
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Good advice, I'm SURE!

Every time I go there, I miss the WAY our conversation is LAID out over here.  All these Blocks of subjects, and dates, don't make it easy to see who's answering who.  Maybe if you get used to it, and follow it really closely, it can be fun.

I know there are good discussions over there, and happenings, like there are here.  But the other thing is---who can afford another involvement?
I can't.  My brother already chastized and restricted me for my severe addiction!!!  He likes my company, too!

BUT here's a bit of history.  When I came on this site last summer, and Kevin basically attacked my position, the only female who came on to assistwas 'Bird'.  But Diane NYC was watching.  

Later, when I got in even worse trouble with Kevin, Diane offered me assistance. We became friendly off-line.  She tells me that 10 days later 9/11 occured, and our friendship was cemented.  Then Liz came directly over, etc.
TG was hugely helpful.  I'm sorry she is not participating at this time.

Additions or corrections to the minutes welcome.

Anyway, I have no problem at all being a presence where males seem to predominate.  But who's got the time???   Love, Eth

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