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Posted by Eth on 12/27/01 - 20:41:38
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Is Paul I. more difficult than our mischievious brother, Kevin??  

By the way, I hope you had the kind of holiday you would have most wanted to have, Kev!

4 of my fluffs are still en route.  They can be New Year's treats.

I started up the existence discussion with Bill.
I love it.  But I even love poetry/lyrics more!
I can't engage anywhere else, though---my god, I'm in deep enough as it is--Ha Ha!!

Getting my fill today.  Listed eight Js/JA CDS today for myself....I'm learning, today.  It's FUN!

I did try to go over to 2400 out of curiosity---and picked up the blasphemy thread and saw the Jorma thread.  I don't have the patience, or any knowledge of the Jorma thing to comment.

But I always have my two cents on the existence thing.   ETH

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