After the holidaze

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Posted by Donna (Yukiah) on 12/27/01 - 14:58:35
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Glad you & gang are home safe, and are recovering from all that holiDAZE. Yes, sweet package arrived here from Liz also! PERRO and special treat by wonderful Liz herself. Hey, Liz rocks!...or should I say Barbie? :-)

Pam is up to no always and as it should be! :-)

Cricket: Beautiful message, thanks, and come home soon little chirp! And...HAPPY B-DAY!!!

Christo: Thanks for the still from the movie :-)All my friends here love "Earth Rising" and are hungry for more...I gave directions to site.

Don: It hasn't arrived yet, but soon. Thanks bro!

& special thanks to webmaster,Paul & all for this beautiful site on the planet Jefferson Starship! I do love it here!!!

Donna (Yukiah)
PS Turned a friend on to ATSOS, she went to the local record store...and every JA/JS CD was sold out!

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