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Posted by homesweethomeEth on 12/27/01 - 02:08:22
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Just got home sweet home to LIZ package with gorgeous 'GRACES' art (PLUS Perro CD, and more)!!!!

KBC cd from CRICKET on her way to Sierras (can we talk?  $$$OK!!!!!!)???  Come home soon!!

and Email pik: JAY and MARTY!!!!!   THAT photo is the KOOLEST! Diggity Dank---as they say.  MUST be on the site.  Must be...must be...must be...ON!

And Diane (WE haven't been out of touch a bit--but tomorrow's our BIG FKNG DAY!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
ALSO--can we talk??   Well, GDMIT--I know we CAN!

Hey Donna, Pam--Liz has a print that covers us ALL.  Donna-Mom says "Hi!" (later)   Pam: Glad you have the evidence!  I had LOTS of mashed potatoes to work with in realizing my vision this holiday.

Signing off for now--love you GUYS, too--Sorry!


Hey--- I have ISSUES--- OK?  OK.

Tomorrow I am going to listen to every JA/JS recording I have.......and try to get a real handle on the ART that has come into my life.  Thank you, all. e

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