JS 2001  Year In Review - Part 2

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Posted by Dave on 12/26/01 - 19:54:27
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Part 2 of my review of this band. Read at your own risk of losing whatever sanity you may think you have.........

In the early summer, Mission Control had the wisdom to combine JS with Iron Butterfly, Big Brother and Quicksilver for a Spirit of 67 tour. This great idea opened up larger theaters and amphitheaters for JS to play in. Large crowds of people who got to see/hear the "main act". I got to see one of these shows (Keswick) and it was fantastic. Paul played some songs on the Rickenbacker and the crowd enjoyed it. A great mix from Michael made the sound incredible. The tapes don't lie. Some of it made it to ASOS.

In the middle of the tour, Michael booked some solo shows at the Turning Point in Piermont NY. If you've never been to this place, you don't know what you're missing. Small stage, inferior soundboard, tables & chairs with waitresses bringing ya cold beer. What else does one need? First came the Acoustic Paul, Diana, Chris show that featured many "lost" songs such as: Darkly Smiling, Lather, Your Mind, Blessings, Martha, Planes, The Mts Song and Kisses Sweeter Than Wine. Although Diana had a stomach flu and became ill during the late show, it was a memorable night. Paul told some funny jokes and read poetry. He also did some of "Teaching The Computers To Dream".  For those fans who love the "Wooden Ships" sound, this was the shows of the year.

Two days later was another intimate show at the Turning Point with Marty, Slick and Chris. Marty performed many songs that he rarely does with JS such as: Weekend, Sleepwalking, No Limits, Ireland, Summer of Love, Do It For Love, LA Girls and Nothing to Lose. He also did 2 songs only performed in the soundcheck: Let's Go and Going Back to Texas. For those fans who love the soft, mellow music of Marty Balin, this was the shows of the year.

By July/August, the Spirit of 67 tour continued to the rest of the country. The band revived You're Bringing Me Down. I got to see 3 shows from this tour and both were excellent. Tom Lilly on bass was impressive. Paul on the Rick was dreamy.

In the fall, another East coast tour was planned after some CA shows. The JA classic "Young Girl Sunday Blues" was performed and the tour had big promise. But, 9/11 changed all that. Fan Appreciation Day in NYC was cancelled as were other shows. Somehow, the band got the nerve to get on an airplane one week later and play to us Northeast fans who were still shocked over the WTC and Pentagon mess. The Randolph Mass show (Happy Birthday George K.) and the Seaside show was the therapy we needed to get out of our depression. I'll never forget hearing America the Beautiful on the beach in Seaside NJ, with Slick's wonderful lead and Paul & Diana singing with great emotion. For 90 mins, I forgot about 9/11 and the world seemed like a better place. The band changed a few words in their songs with references to 9/11 and Marty wore an American flag shirt. Diana was very concerned that some of their fans were impacted by 9/11. She's an angel. This "fall" tour wasn't really a tour as it ws only 2 shows. Rather it was a recovery of our souls from the 9/11 nightmare, thanks to JS, Michael Gaiman and Mike E. for coming so far to entertain us. It was patriotic and heroic, IMO.

End of part 2. Tomorrow: Winter Tour and other opinionated ramblings from my mind. Time to listen to some shows from this tour...

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