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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 04/27/02 - 01:39:24
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The Doors approached their music in two different directions.  Early on Ray Manzarak (SP) used one of those foot pedal boxes to give the band a bass sound, both live and in the studio.  Later on Ray used the foot pedal box live.  In the later years they used Jerry Scheff and Wolfgang (forgot the guys last name) on bass in the studio.  Wolfgang went on and played with The Door on Other Voices and Full Circle. He also went on to become a very successful LA studio musician who has toured with everyone on rock to pop acts such as the Captain & Teniel.  You worked with Manzarak from time to time, ask him.

And while I'm on the subject of The Door.  Other Voices was one of the best Doors albums ever made.  Its unfortunate that the public abandoned The Doors after Morrison decided to go to Africa or where ever he ran off to play dead.  Yes, I am one of those people who believe he just had it and faked his death.  

As for Prairie, the use of a Hip Kit over a bass was and still is a bad call.

My qualifications is attending 33 years of concert and amassing one of the most complete collections of Jefferson memorabilia in the fucking country!  I not only have the original uncensored Takes Off album.  I have two copies, one in stereo and one in mono.  I also know there are four other collectors of the Jefferson's who have a copy of the uncensored Takes Off, and all there copies are in stereo.  But I am the only one with a copy in mono.  I also have the Great Society's first single on North Beach.  Not to mention the hundreds of Jefferson records from around the world, memorabilia, etc..

I also was a taper for many years.  My audio master go back to 30 years and my video masters go back 20 years.  And I'm sure you forgot about the contributions to Gray Areas and HT that was very pro Jefferson ... DUHHHHHHHH

I know the Jefferson's material very well.  And I know that no matter what anyone is involved with.  When they are too close to a situation they do not see the bigger picture outside their decisions.  ATSOS should have employed a bass along with the drums.  Or the drums should have been completely eliminated.  That is the only fault I have with ATSOS.  Not everyone likes live albums.  This opinion and observation is very objective.  

And the A's won tonight and that is a good thing!!!

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