Who played bass in THE DOORS?

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Posted by Mission Control on 04/27/02 - 00:29:09
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That's right Einstein!

Inasmuch as I no longer teach this business of music 101, nor live recording 103 - I'll waste my breath by pointing out that in the 6 piece format wherein ATSOS was recorded, PRAIRIR PRINCE performed on a Yamaham 'hip kit' which is a full set in miniature.  

At the risk of committing the sin of hubris (forgive me all), I have been a fan for 35 years, a taper for 28 years, booked tours for 20 years and produced 11 records (including three acclaimed JAZZ IS DEAD records) over the past 7 years.


You want to criticize the band for a non-traditional approach to rock music instrumentation?  We're in good company ... i.e DAVE MATTHEWS ... i.e. JOHN MELLENCAMP ... i.e MEDESKI, MARTIN & WOOD to name a few.

I suppose you were happier when JEFFERSON STARSHIP rarely toured, and never performed catalogue & rare material form every JEFFERSON era?

My grandmother once told me:
"Never try teaching a pig to sing.  It wastes your time & frustrates the pig."  

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