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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 04/26/02 - 20:34:50
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Go back and reread what I wrote.   My post was intentionally absent of any criticism of the performance quality of Halloween (I'll address that later).  I said Halloween sounds lopsided because you have a drummer and no bass player.   HELLO???  Basic rock band 101 says you never ever use a drummer with acoustic guitars and not have a bass guitar.   You have the missing bottom end of the bass supporting the beat of the drums.   Next, you have the problem of the drums being recorded through the soundboard.  The drums are missing their rich textured tones and subsequently sound flat.   The problem is further compounded by the fact that the acoustic guitars makes the kick drum sound like the listener's speakers are fluttering as if there were blown out from old age.   It simply doesn't make for a very enjoyable listening pleasure.  

If Halloween had been acoustic only and no drums, I would have a lot of good things to say about the CD.   I personally enjoy the raw acoustic rough edge of the vocals and live performance.   But I cannot enjoy it with drums imitating the sound of speakers about to be blown out.   Paul's best work over the past ten years has been his acoustic performances.   Woodenships was pure listener/fan enjoyment.   IF you want to release a live CD, put out Woodenships, Aug of 1991 at Great American Music Hall.   Fans, old and new will be very forgiving about any imperfections the soundboard.  tape has.  

The economics of touring can place a burden on the resources of any band.  But to use a drummer and not a bass when recording an acoustic show for release.  That is a memorialized blunder preserved for eternity.  As for performing in some [cool clubs].  Get real, The Peppermill is a chain restaurant that is the West Coast answer to 24 hour Greek diners on the East Coast.  When they don't have a band its a lounge where bald divorced guys in their 40's & 50's with a gut the size of Rhode Island go to pick up women to be their trollmates in lust.  Yeah, that sounds like a real cool club.  

I noticed you were conspicuously silent on my bringing a song to your attention.  I said it once and I'll say it again.  Do something new.  Do something different.  Step out of the comfort zones (I'm sorry I mean crash & burn zones), and do something new.  We the fans just may like it.  I didn't suggest Escalator of Life because its a great song.  I suggested it because I know the material and taste of the band.  So out of the bazillions of songs out there.  I picked that one because it would fit everything and anything Jefferson.  Another startling revelation is that as a fan I just may be able to provide you a few ideas that could be positive in the long run for the band.  I'm glad Rush knew who Robert Hazzard was because he did write Girls Want to Have Fun.  

You started this crap about The Who being so great.   OH PLEEEZZZZEEEE .... Pete Thousands said he couldn't play electric guitar on the 1989 tour because he had an earache.   So he hired hack brother Simon to play electric guitar.   Thousands said in an interview he was happy with the 1989 tour because he went back to the UK $5 million wealthier.   DUHHHH ... Bet the $$$ cured his earache on all other tours following 1989 ... Problems with his ears my ass ... he's a lazy old buzzard ...

All I'm doing is stepping up to the plate and telling Houston there is a problem.   And as for the Grass Roots.   Wasn't it in the summer of 93 or 94 where the JS shared the bill with The Grass Roots in Illinois???

As for ATSOS (AKA Halloween), there is no reason for me to sell it back to Ameoba.  They'll only give me $2 for it.  I would rather give it to Fundamentalist Astronomer for his critique.  If you think I'm blasting it with a Howitzer, he'll nuke it.  

Lets face it.  You need me to tell you whats wrong.  There are too many YES people surrounding the Emperor and his Court.

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