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Posted by Mission Control on 04/26/02 - 18:20:50
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... & happy weekend!  

Keep that (bitter) ale at room temperature ... will ya!  I want English pounds (& brews) and Eskimo sense (& sensimilia - Matanuska thunderfuck is A#1).

You have misquoted/misunderstood me mate!  I didn't par ATSOS with prior recordings.  After all Pat (Maurice) Ieraci was integral in capturing the visceral sound generated by JEFFERSON AIRPLANE both live ... and helping sound-shape PK's acoustic minglings on the 'solo' studio records.  I'm no Maurice!

What I said was - THIS incarnation of JEFFERSON is musically equal or superior to any that has gone before.  I'll elaborate:  No, we don't have all the legendary musicians, GRACE, JORMA & JACK.  But so much of the AIRPLANE's incendiary quality was the clashing & bashing & crashing of five STARS - drunk & speeding & tripping in & out of the heady, culturally charged 1960s.  

This year's model (commencing ten years back) takes a more sober, professional tack at our favorite music ... the harmonies are better ... what we lack in J & J fury is well compensated for by SLICK's inspireed, fluid solos (think stratoblaster-era GARCIA), CHRIS SMITH's rock solid key/bass rhythms ... the best drummer that ever played these songs in PRAIRIE PRINCE (OK, a tie with KENNY ARONOF), DIANA's grace (no pun) & stability ... add modernist TOM LILLY, (who also does a mean JACK sans eyebrows when called for) - and you have the fois grois of JEFFERSON.

For me as a fan ... a MUSO - NOT as an industry professional: What has counted most for any Artist I admire has been variability of repertoire ... both as regards song selection AND interpretation ... NEXT, muscianship.  That's right, I (just like Kevin, Kenny et al) prefer the rare & arcane ... even played sloppily ...as opposed to the 'hits' played perfectly.  JSTNG etc. has stretched the repertoire deliciously ... for which PAUL should be commended ... I'll take a wee bit of credit as regards my constant naggings:  "Why don't we do ..."

While it is daunting & difficult maintaing orbit, in the fiercely competitve touring talent industry- I love the music ... and that inspiration keeps me going ... as does A-Deck ... both antagonists & protagonists ... it's all good.

Note:  Please email me your comments on the PERRO discs ... which I trust were received.

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