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Posted by Oh, Michael, Michael.... on 04/26/02 - 15:59:41
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So Dirty Kevin's post gets the usual disparaging treatment - perhaps he was the original template for the Scott (2xt!) and Kenny whines?

You're a good guy and I really admire your intelligent management of the band in some not-too-favourable circumstances. I really hope we meet some day. (You come to Yorkshire and I'll buy you some real ale!)

But Kevin, Scott (2xt) and Kenny - and me, even! - we love this band as much as you do, have been following them longer than you have...well, at least Dirty and I have!...and have their interests at heart as much as you have.

So, don't come the high&mighty and don't diss intelligent criticism!!!

Kevin's analogy of the Emperor's new clothes is apt. Read your ROLLING BONE HISTORY OF ROCK&STOLE. The Dead might have been more downhome funky hippy something or other; but it was JA who took San Francisco music to the masses.

JA (at least till the Grunt excesses) and early JS had a wonderful knack for making highly-complex, densely-structured oddball polyphonic music with unusuual (or sometimes just downright explicit!)lyrics very commerically accessible.

As a result they sold albums by the boatload whilst always posing cool.

JA 67-68 made wildly-adventurous music for the chemical exploration generation. JA 69-70 lead the rage cries across the world against the stupidity of the older generation's unwinnable (short of tactical nuclear strike or massive carpet bombing) war in Vietnam. JS 75-76 made soft healing music (still laden with lots of spice!) for Amercians looking to recover from the twin traumas of Vietnam and Watergate by  returning to the eternal values of love and sex.

In other words, I'm talking about RELEVANCE.

It shouldn't be Neil Young leading CSN out onto packed arena stadiums to heal the post 09/11 traumatised with "Our House" peace&love trite crap. It should be PK and MB leading out a throbbing JS to offer songs of healing love and space optimism.

So, where's Kantner - the one-time "voice of a generation" - when the multitudes need him? Playing pokey little clubs to 70 people at a time, that's what!

As for the quality of the music, are you seriously telling me that "ATSOS" JS is on the same planet as "POINTED HEAD"/"TAPES FROM THE MOTHERSHIP"-era Airplane?!? Personally, I don't even think they're on the same planet as "FASTEBN YOUR SEATBELTS" JS. (With "DS/VS", I did think we were heading solidly in the right direction; but every subsequent release and web snippet I've heard - while perhaps highly-enjoyable - has been a long way from those lofty heights.

As a good manager who loves the music of his clients, you defend with real passion. But don't let the passion blind you to heartfelt, intelligent criticism.

I don't think anybody wants your job _ I certainly wouldn't want to deal with PK's fractured worldviews everyday or MB's  "distant arrogance"!

PK's point about variety of formats is well-made and your post about commercial expectations of albums released on small indie-type labels is sobering.

So, what stops JS putting together an album of top rate songs and going for a wide distribution deal?  

Why shouldn't JD do this?

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