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Posted by don aters on 04/26/02 - 15:57:48
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I have never liked all the bands, i.e., musicians that have entered the musical ring but, those that have made an impact, I choose to like regardless of current incarnation of said band.
"If and buts, candy and nuts"........ Sure, i would like to see Skip Spence, I love jerry Miller and Bob Mosley, still talk to them often but......not to be as Moby Grape.
I would like to be back in Macon, Georgia, blistering heat and listening to ABB, Hendrix and Mountain but.........not to be, Hendrix is dead, Pappalardi shot by his wife two decades ago and Duane had the same motorcycle lessons as Berry Oakley and Rick Griffin........not to be.
I would even like to see Terry Kath back in the old days of "The Chicago Sound" but Russian Roulette and a loaded gun don't mix well........not to be
even The Buckinghams, playing poppy tunes like "Susan" and "Kind Of A Drag" with Jon-Jon Paulos....would be interesting but Jon-Jon took his new sports car and live the rock n roll dream, i.e., "life in the fast lane"          and dead at 34.......not to be although Carl and Nick play about fifty gigs per year as The Buckinghams and play extremely well.
It's not the same, never will be but...........and facsimile that is done well is certainly worth listening to.
Enter PK and JS.........
like an old Grim's Brothers Fairy tale........
"A young PK was waltzing through the streets of North Beach, contemplating the shift from folk to the now burgeoning "psycledelic sound" of the west coast".  At a curio shop, young PK latched on to a very unique urn which also had the ever-present genie trapped inside.
As the norm for such a rarity, the genie would grant the aspiring singer/songwriter three wishes.
These wishes would be,
I would like to be the best i can, perhaps a Hall of Fame performer, to live eternally through the musical gifts of my band(s)
I would also like to be successful, to flourish as a known musician and make this my chosen profession.
I would also like to have three beautiful women to sing with, have a visual presence and if one should retire or leave, there will always be another, hence the transformation from Grace, Diana and Darby.
Obviously it didn't happen that way, but.........in the eyes of JA, JS, and PK, the magic of success, the position among the hierarchy of the musical elite has been quite the fairy tale.
On a given day, I don't care if he plays with Michael Gaiman......... you can't bring it back, although the memories can't be taken from us and whatever remnants are out there that let us regress and remember........ I'm all for it.  
We can't change the woes of the world on this site, but JS can ease your personal pain, if only for the night.
(Went to The AAAvalon the other day, a discussion over an exhibit of old posters and images for display on the night of May 3rd, The Rainforest Benefit.  The only change is the floor is carpeted and the old seats are gone.  Very haunting and yet.....more ambience than The Fillmore.  Chet Helms tried to work a deal with the owner but.........that's why it isn't used much except for weddings and special events.  he wants $8,000 per night for rental.
Good luck
A capacity of 800, tickets would have to be $30 and then knowledge of bands that could play such a venue.  Rider, promotions, etc, if 600 were sold, you might break even.  Obviously, renting it twice a month is okay but eventually, he will see that a % of something on a regimented basis is better than 100% of nothing.
Must be a CA thing

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