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Posted by Mission Control on 04/26/02 - 12:04:00
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Just when my eight week old son, has learned the babycraft of smiling, laughing, flirting & cooing - he lets out a feral caterwall that puts Jamie Lee Curtis (speaking of Halloween) to shame.

Juts when you are beginning to make a point (about something or other) ... a little smarmily perhaps - you spew such uncomprehensible idiocy ... ignoring the truth (you can't handle the truth!), that any statement of veracity regarding the ATSOS set has gone up in smoke.  You sound like Chris Rock in "New Jack City."  "You a mumblin' & a stumblin' Pookie."

Let's take the last, first:  You know little or nothing about music (except perhaps for your own L-dopa enjoyment of same), as is evidenced by your condemnation of THE WHO.  I am aware their tickets have been priced rather steeply for somw years, and perhaps you have not seen them ... but let me assure you - despite the fact they play no new songs & only old songs ... they play them with a ferocity & eloquence THE CLASH couldn't match on a sober day.  Especially PETE ... now that he has solved the hearing difficulties that forced him off electric guitar in 1989 for the "Tommy" debacle.  I saw "Quadrophenia"8 time in 1996 (including The Prince's Trust in Hyde Park) & they were outstanding.  I saw them in October 2000 & it was not only the best I'd seen them since KEITH, but perhaps the best EVER.  ZACK STARKEY is a phenomenal drummer ... RABBIT BUNDRICK was sober ... & it seemed that ROGER, THE OX & PETE were on Viagra.  You lost ALL credibility with me (& I'll suprmise, MANY others) lambasting them,  for the sake of hearing yourself pooh all over yourself!

As regards THE TURTLES ... yes they are comprised of MARK & HOWARD ... FLO & EDDIE.  Yes, they have a terrific musical pedigree & even chided GRACE on their 'hit' "Keep It Warm" (from "Moving Targets" I think).  Yes, once upon a time, they had a pithy two man show as F&E (played to tape), lampooning big time rock & roll with their rendition of "The Fence" (think "Stonehenge" from SPINAL TAP) --- BUT ... BUT ... their show in the 90s has been a Richard Nader oldies affair (even older than JS) with THE GRASS ROOTS, TOMMY JAMES, etc.  Clean your ears, THE TURTLES are an oldies act (they no longer perform as F&E).

As for your criticism:  You don't like ATSOS - OK - I respect your opinion, but (FYI) everyone else I've spoken with & fans the world over have told me they love it ... along with the CIA releases.  ATSOS is after all, a CIA release, we licensed to Zebra/Warner Bros.  You say it sounds lopsided for lack of a bass player.  I say SLICK's playing, DIANA & PAUL'S singing, the mix & song selection are outstanding ... if you hate it, sell it back to Amoeba.

You cite ATSOS as being a commercial failure ... what does that mean?  Everything one put's up for sale is commercial, but I think you are referring to another age.  Wrong, right or indifferent, none of the JS 90s-00s CD releases can be viewed this way.  It's like calling a "Dick's Picks" a commercial failure.  The three labels that put DS/VS, WOH & ATSOS in stores respectively did not have the architecture, blueprint, or budget that goes into promoting a SHERYL CROW release (i.e.), so that it gets above the static of the many other CDs it's competing with.  Like YES, STYX THE DOOBIE BROS., THE ALLMAN BROS., PHIL LESH & FRIENDS & many more, nothing we release is likely to be commercially successful in the classic term, without a major committment from a major label.  But, seeing as how ANI DiFRANCO made it in her own terms ... we are doing likewise.  

More importantly & more to the point, we need to tour in varying configurations to fill artistic as well as economic needs.  Touring, is something this band does more & better than ever.  It may sound blastphempous to you ... but as a connessoir of ALL things tape & ALL things JEFFERSON ... & as keeper of the vaults, I must tell you that THIS band plays THOSE songs as good or better than the 60s band played them.  Those were heady times YES! But from a standpoint of singing & playing, THIS band does it better ... & why not?  JS(TNG) has played 800 shows ... JA (300?).

As for those configs & TOM LILLY:  TOM is our full time bass player & we shall be doing more full electric shows with him this year, than not.  He is NOT the legend that JACK is (and WARREN HAYNES isn't GARCIA either), but he can channel JACK, and thumb-thump a modernist STANLEY CLARKE line as well ... and is a terrific ensemble player/person. I don't want to stir things up, but SLICK could not have evolved into the player he is today, with JACK's full-time, on stage grousing.  He stymied SLICK, & for the fact that SLICK is unbound, we have the Promethean fires from his guitar to enjoy.

When PAUL re-focused out of the sheer commercialism of previous incarnations, commencing this era with WOODEN SHIPS in 1991, he re-discovred his acoustic playing & the many songs of his we cherish that had not been performed for many years & in some cses never before performed.
He continues this tradition with the 4 & 6 piece config ... the latter allows the band to play theatres, fine arts centers & some cool clubs.  The fact that we have an added bonus of fiscal prudency to pull all this off ... AND THAT YOU HOLD THAT AGAINST US .. is so mean-spirited & unfair, it makes you look like an A's fan crying in his beer about losing JASON GIAMBI to the YANKEES.

"Life is change, how it differs from then rocks."

If you enjoy being a rock, & spouting [edantic inaccuracies ... I can't help you.

If you long for great music & adventure ... you've come to the right place.

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