200 Motels

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/26/02 - 06:58:47
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A fine representation of Flo and Eddie. Great flick. Ringo as Frank Zappa....hilarious. I LOVE BASS PLAYERS!!!
 Kevin I have a joke for you...it's in you hand!! No-no I kid-I kid.

A guy is on an African safari. He's enjoying his journey meeting all sorts of strange and primitive cultures. But he does notice this insescent(sp?)drumming that is constant that no matter where he goes, near or far the drums are always pounding in their hypnotic yet seemingly chaotic rhythms. He stops and asks a villager:"What's with all that drumming? It never stops!!" The villager with a blank look says in a serious tone: The drums must never stop." The guy senses the villagers rigidness and nods and walks off. Days later on his safari he's in a completely different village and is starting to crack. "Why.... Why must the drums never stop? I can't sleep!! When I do I hear drumming!!"In desperation he approaches a villager and asks: "WHY MUST THE DRUMZ NEVER STOP???!!!!!!">>>>>>>>>>>>>

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