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Posted by Valerie on 04/26/02 - 05:32:02
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While slowly cruisin' thru all these interesting webpages, I came across mention of the BATE LP booklet/notes. I purchased my BATE LP here in New Zealand aeons ago, but, in true NZ tradition, it never came with any booklet. I don't know anyone else here who possesses this absolute masterpiece, have never seen it for sale since that day, so have never ever seen one. I had heard about this booklet over the years but then forgot about it until now. I would be absolutely thrilled if someone can either send me a photocopy of theirs, or point me to a website with it on. I am probably missing stuff off other album covers too (?). The only one which I have with "extras" was the "cigar box" cover of Long John Silver, which was actually an import from USA. I have never had the heart to destroy the cover to make up the box, so it is still almost pristine!

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