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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 04/26/02 - 01:38:48
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... unless I just fell out of the Baby Tree and landed on my head and sustained severe brain damage or you are a used car salesman trying to sell me an old 63 beat up Rambler without an engine and I want a kickass 4X drive Jeep.  Unless I'm missing a few short of a six pack.  Houston, we have a little problem here.  

Correct me if I'm wrong about this.  But Tom Lilly has more of a presence as a part-time bass player than a full-time bass player as you called him.  Since this century began the JS have performed a number of times with half the rhythm section.  A band can get away without a drummer.  But a bass player???  I don't think so!!! Especially when its supposed to be the Jefferson Starship.  Having a drummer and no bass player is Jefferson Starbucks decaffeinated.

Give it whatever spin sell you want.  But its basically saying, Tom we can't afford to pay you to play with us.  What is this, the anti-Tuna lineup configuration?  Well, Yoma Coconut, you have the bass player but we got the drummer!!!  IS that the statement your trying to make?

You recorded and produced ATSOS.  Go back and listen to it.  What is missing on ATSOS?  A bass player!  Prairie is on drums.  Where is full-time bass player Tom Lilly?  When I read this revelation on ATSOS, I knew you were missing half the rhythm section ... maybe even half your marbles.  I also decided that it wasn't worth paying $25 for a new copy when is was first released.  Last week I purchased it for under $10 at Amoebae Records on Haight St.  They had a few dozen used copies in stock.  Not a good sign for a CD that has been our for less than a year.  What that is saying essentially is that; we the fans are not pleased with the quality of this CD.  

My overall impression of ATSOS after listening to it from beginning to end is that it sounds lopsided from lack of a bass player.  The CD sounds like a one legged man trying to escape after he robbed a bank and the police are in hot pursuit of him during the escape.  Having recorded the performances from the soundboard doesn't help matters either.  David Crosby tried to do the same thing a few years ago with Its All Coming Back to Me Now and learned you cannot fool fans with live CD record off the soundboard on DAT.  It stiffed just like ATSOS did.  For a commercial release ATSOS is that bad.  As for it being a live CD for hard-core fans its OK.    

Since the Jefferson Starship (?) reformed in 1992.  Fans have been given DS/VS, WHO, Greatest Hits Live, and now ATSOS.  DS/VS was half new material with the other half being retreads.  It wasn't a bad CD, even if the sound does resemble the quality one would make from recording something off of an FM radio concert at home.  

Was WOH supposed to be the first in a trilogy of downhill albums?  The last three CDs should be more appropriately titled; Gates of Hell, Abomination of the Antiship Live, and Halloween.  A new CD is supposed to keep the existing fanbase from defecting and bring in new fans.  Its not supposed to scare the hell out of present and future fans so they never buy your CDs again.  I'm all for marketing ATSOS under the title of Halloween.  Will the next CD be titled Halloween II, SCARED SHITTLESS IN HELL AGAIN?

A Producer in general is supposed to bring the best out of a musicians music by offering ideas, encouragement, and motivation.  Who is this Executive Producer Ricky Schultz?  Obviously he doesn't know the difference between CATSHIT and BULLSHIT.  But Fundamentalist Astronomer and I do ...  Hey Fundamentalist Astronomer, I understand from previous post you still don't have a copy of Halloween yet (opps ... ATSOS), send me you address and I will gladly send you a used copy purchased from Amoeba Records on Haight St, gratis, for your honest opinion A-Deck.  

I wouldn't know how to manage a band.  But as a hard-core fan I know what works and doesn't.  So, I'm going to be ballsy SOB and suggest a new song for JS.  From Philadelphia's New Wave music in scene in 1980 came a song called, Escalator of Life.  It will fit perfectly into the JS repertoire because its a cross of the Dark Ages, In A Crisis, and Millennium from GOH ... or as you know it, WOH.  Not many people outside of Pennsylvania ever heard the song.  Perhaps some of the PA fans may remember it?  I'll burn a copy of the song and send it to you.  I don't want any excuses, just learn the song and do it.  I'm outright challenging the JS to do something new.  I don't want any BULLSHIT excuses about why Escalator of Life will not be covered.  Just learn it and play it ...

MC ... what were you thinking when you said The Who play with vigor?  They officially broke up in 1982 with a farewell album and tour.   Since The Who's 1982 farewell tour, The Who have gone on six post farewell tours, have not released a new album in twenty years (2000's Blues to Bush doesn't count).  

The only reason they are still remembered to this day is because of Who's Next was the follow-up studio album to Tommy.   If Who's Next wasn't as good as it was they would have gone the way of the dinosaurs in the mid 70's.  As for Pete Thousands, I fail to see what is so great about him.   Even Kenny Jones went on record in 1990 that he was tired of Thousands excuses for not writing good material for a new Who album.   Tought shit if you don't like what I write is a paraphrase of what Thousands told Jones when pressed on the issue.   Jones had the right idea by bailing when he did.  As for Roger Adulty, his voice is shot!  He can't sing in the range he use to reach anymore on a regular basis.   For Adulty to sing the high stuff now he would have to wear a pair of pants so tight that his balls would protrude out of his nose.   Then we have John Thunderfingers who is the only one left with any credibility in that band.

And don't even give me that line about anthems for a generation.  With songs that deal with subject matter ranging from man who enjoys pulling the legs off of spiders to a John who has sexual hang-ups with prostitutes while getting it on with prostitutes isn't exactly what I would call motivational ... this sounds more like music for serial killers of republicans in training generation.  

As for the Turtles.  You need to do some homework on the Turtles aka Flo & Eddie.  Who was it that released a solo album on 1983 with Flo & Eddie on it???  HINT ... you may know him.  They also did the soundtrack for the 1975 cult film, Dirty Duck.  They also played with Frank Zappa.  I would not call the Turtles an oldies act by any stretch of the imagination.  

As for the Allman Brothers Band.  Lets face it, its the Gregg Allman Band with the Allman Brothers drummers and friends.  If Dicky isn't apart of the ABB.  Then it isn't the ABB.  Nuff said ...

Another thing!!!  Perhaps you foreget that there once a band named Something Airplane that released a new studio album a year from 1966 to 1969.  Then we had bands such as the Rolling Stones who released an album a year from 1963 to 1976, Led Zepplin's first 5 albums, Grand Funk released and album a year from 1969 to 1976.  Others who released a string of albums on an annual basis were Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, Hot Tuna, The Bealtes, Chicago, The Grateful Dead, and dozens of others.  John Mayall who is 68 years old releases at lease one album a year.  In the mid 60's to 70's he was releasing between 1 and two albums a year and recently has been giving his fans at least one new album a year.  Perhaps a lapse of memory from your old age?  Aksing for one new album a year is a wish.  But its not impossible given the fact that is was done in the past, quite often, and produced many monumental albums from that fertile period.  Some people can do it and others choose not to do it.   

BTW ... this isn't about not appreciating what we have now because one day it will be gone.  This is about don't tell the Emperor is wearing a magnificent flight suit and all he's wearing is an old ripped and greasy pair of coveralls from working under the Rambler all day long.

Your lucky I'm in a good mood tonight because the A's kicked the Yankees ass' today, or I would have really been in a pissed off mood ... There is no A in Gi$mbi ...

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