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Posted by hi on 04/25/02 - 22:54:52
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I saw JGeils stoned on speed and hashish
and had a fantastic time. Great band.
I think they were a 'speed' band, sounds funny I know, but still they were ummm strangely hyper ?
God, that was a good, good time.
Saw some other good shows at the warehouse in new orleans:
Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder,
Pati Smith, Bob Marley, Eric Burdon,
Cheap Trick (great on fine sensi, way out there)
many more...
long time ago. new orleans had another great show for rock, the civic theatre or something, where bands like jethro tull, uriah heep, yes played some of my favorite concerts. Saw Marty Balin at some theatre there, where the Dead played. Forget its name, similar to the Fox in Atlanta.

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