Several challenges making that tape...

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Posted by Bob D. on 04/25/02 - 20:47:44
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One of them was wind noise. You will definately hear some "wind rumble" at several times during the show.  Prairie had a big fan blowing up at him, which was also blowing straight into the overhead mics above his kit.  We heard it early on through the headphones - even in the house sound.  At one point, John moved the fan.  We also dropped the level from the those mics in my SBD matrix as I was picking up the drums quite nicely with my center stage mics. Hope that's what you noticed on the discs.

If there is a dropout or digital error on your copy - let me know - I'll spin another disc.  I haven't had any other reported errors, so far.

Peace, Bob D.

PS - I just sent a set of masters to someone on 2400 Fulton.  There will be a post there, in a few days, to get copies of this show.    

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