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Posted by Terry on 04/25/02 - 14:57:57
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No JA/JS relevance here, but since this is the only internet forum I regularly participate in, here's a review of Paul McCartney's concert last night in Washington, DC (at the MCI Center).

Paul's performance was marred by a sound engineer who'd smoked one too many decibals over the years. Totally inexcusable for any concert, but especially for an ex-Beatle.

MCI has proven to be almost as bad as DAR Constitution Hall in terms of abysmal acoustics.  All future concerts in this venue should be prohibited by law.

Highlights: The extended acoustic set: Blackbird, Every Night, We Can Work it Out, and Mother Nature's Son.  Also great were Fool on the Hill, Eleanor Rigby, and Let it Be > Hey Jude.  Pretty much all the Beatles' songs were well-performed, although the solo-organ version of the Abbey Road medley segment didn't quite come off as well as a full band version would have.

Notable: Paul proved he could play all his instruments with ease and credibility: bass, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar (he took a couple of lead breaks during "Let Me Roll It" and "The End."  The cute millionaire is no faker--he doesn't use his instruments as stage props like Jagger and Springsteen. Bravo.

Also worth mentioning: The newer songs were not as nauseating as the Wings material.  I found "Driving Rain," Freedom," and "Vanilla Sky" to be relatively inoffensive.

Sir Paul was charming and relaxed in his eternally youthful impish manner.

Low points: My Love, Comin' Up.  And the crummy sound system.

Thanks, Mr. McCartney. But next time, come back to RFK--the acoustics are better.

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