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Posted by Dave on 04/25/02 - 09:32:32
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Although I thought the Westbury was the best show of the 7 sets I caught due to song selection, overall mix and playing, Westbury has some rules I don't like. For example, no standing. Not even during Volunteers, which requires us to stand up and dance. The gap between the audience and the stage is too large. Plus, Diana was having monitor problems all night. Remember how she had to stand at the other side of Paul? Also, no taping, as
audience taping was verboten. In general, the policies in this place are too strict. I don't view Westbury as a "cool venue". They stopped me and Rich Pote from bringing in our bags with taping equipment even though we had the band's permission to tape. Had John Murray not gotten involved, this show would never have been taped. We got a board patch (Thanks John!)  Its owned by Clear Channel which has a monopoly over most of the country's venues and they are strongly anti-taper. Yes, the sound was great and yes show was great, but the venue mgmt are repressive, IMO. Thank god the stage didn't rotate like most other Westbury shows. I hate revolving stages. If you want to see a cool venue in Long Island, goto the Vanderbilt. JS played there last year and it was very, very taper friendly. Plus, you could stand up! Wow - standing up, what a concept....Dave

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