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Posted by e on 04/25/02 - 03:11:57
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Our son Ben is a medical LAB tech. Hematologist.
He posts here on rare occasion.  Ben Todd.

He has returned to studies, and his closest furthering degree is Nursing.  He WILL become a nurse to get his masters--but he does not intend to practice nursing.  He is interested in chemistry, Lab Tech Equipment, and pathology, etc.  (perhaps he should speak with you)

I wish we COULD come back East again.  Maybe some of our East Coast clan can go.  I'll see.

Apparently Marty inexplicably offered Ray and I 'HEARTS', from the stage of the State theater last summer.  Diana had to be behind that one!

On that weekend you speak of, Ray and I will see Phil and Friends at the Greek on Saturday, and the Frost on Sunday.  So I doubt I'd be able to fly to Virginia on Friday, and back to CA on Saturday--------although I'd be nuts enough to do it.   If I had the $.  Or the time.  

I'll still be finishing my year with the kids.
We finish mid-June.

Ben is 28.  I shall see him day after tomorrow.
Maybe we'll post ya, Scot.  

On this sweet old board.  E.

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