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Posted by surfin'charlie on 04/25/02 - 02:34:26
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Permission to Come Aboard and Greetings from a lonely outpost in the Culturally Forsaken [to wit: Lynyrd Skynyrd] American  South.
It was into the heart of this darkness that the Light was first carried via WLS-AM from Chicago to
to a photon-hungry 12 year old.  Snug in the night  and the Rich Corinthian Leather of my parents Cordoba the mellow warmth of Marty's Octopus/Spitfire singles bore me aloft like angels. Soon, said albums were headphone journeys  into Bliss. Such a rich tapestry of Voices and styles, subject matter and Vision.
And when the neophyte proved worthy of Advanced Initiation ...  Originally the Airplane scared me!
It beckoned me into the Uncharted Seas of Possibility - Esoterica - Psychedelica - Revolution(in America? in Myself? Really?). It bore in my soul the zeitgeist of the generation to which I barely(statistically) belong--but whose Issues, Explorations, and Music compel me still.
It brought to me in this lonely outpost the beauty and openness of a City I could visit only in its sounds and words.  Magical.
My wife, son and I will be in Springdale this weekend - non-laminated, but enthusiastic and faithful. Northwest Arkansas is actually beautiful with good energy (bring umbrellas). I LOVE THIS BAND. Thanks for having me along.
                     (charlie don't surf, sir!)

>>>>>>PAUL K --- If I bring my acoustic will you
  sign it? I HAVE been holding this sector pretty
  much alone for 27 years. Deserve a medal!!!

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