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Posted by Eth on 04/25/02 - 01:54:16
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I have cleaned the computer room.
It is exquisite!

I knew you would all be SO pleased to share that with me.

Tomorrow: Marion (my sis, from Buffalo)
Friday: Richard (my bro, from Portland)
  with: Ben Todd (our son, from Portland)
Saturday: My Mom (from San Jose).........
Coming to her NEW HOME next to Ray and I.

Looks like all systems are GO.  Oh please, DOG, may they be GO.

Some day this board may not bear the weight of
personal revelations like this from me.  

But today it does.

I like this board, and I guess that's why I'm posting something personal to it, before it goes away.  Either that, or the current stress is too great for me to bear alone.

Best to all,

PS  You wanna know something, too?  Visibility is NOT that comfortable.  I feel very, very self conscious about it---where normally I don't have that feeling much at all.

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