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Posted by John O'Malley on 04/24/02 - 23:53:43
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busy busy busy...sure can't snooze around here and miss a few days..very busy weekend for me.

I had the great pleasure of attending the Westbury show...though the day itself was kinda weird for me.  Things at work were pretty screwy and then my friend who was going to meet up with me at Westbury with me had to report to his firehouse thus missing the I was there solo.  The concert itself was terrific.  Seeing Ray Manzarek was very cool and really enjoyed his "Storyteller" act and him joining in on Volunteers and Other Side Of This Life.

As for Jefferson Starship..Paul, Marty & Co. rocked!!  Great setlist..little bit of everything. Comin' Back To Me is a favorite of mine.  She Has Funny Cars, Ride The Tiger, Wooden Ships!!  Prairie and Chris were certainly rocking on their instruments. It seemed that Diana had some problems with her mic?...she moved over to the left side of the stage...ok with me since I was sitting off to the left. Paul and his "lapsed" Catholic story was great and Marty doing his Ozzy Osbourne impersonation was a hoot!!

I forgot what a cool venue Westbury Music Fair is ..not too big, not too small. I'd see them play there again in a second.  Great show guys!!

Keep on flyin!

till next time...
John (Palooka)

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