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Posted by John O'Malley on 04/24/02 - 22:48:24
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Aerosmith/Skid Row  January 1990

I've never been a huge fan of the über heavy metal bands but at 19 I figured I'd catch an Aerosmith show...I like Sweet Emotion & Dream On (except when classic rock stations still play those songs every hour on the hour).  Opening for Aerosmith were Guns N' Roses wanna be's Skid Row.  I sat down with my buddies at the time and Sebastian Bach comes out screaming out F*&# this F#@* that every other word...I wasn't offended...just bored by that.  After the first song I said screw this and grabbed a bite to eat and walked around Nassau Coliseum until Aerosmith came on.  

Aerosmith on the other hand put on a pretty good show...didn't make me a convert though.

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