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Posted by eeee on 04/24/02 - 21:30:59
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I have questions.
I went there, signed in, signed up, read Paul and Kenny, and promptly became technically slow!

1.) Paul S., I couldn't figure how to drop off an Ethel note!!!!!  But I know it must be easy.  Help!

2.) I wanted 'e' for my nickname, but it had to be 4 letters, so I mad e it 'eeee'!  That's OK.

3.) If there would be MANY posts would you just scroll on down to see the titles of them all???
MY GREATEST admiration of or current board---is how beutifully the threads are organized in CONVERSATIONAL order---so you can tell who has, and who may want to, participate in a discussion.
This is one aspecct I miss in visiting Fulton.
I love to sctoll down and see the whole giant GIST of everything AT ONCE and in logical conversational chunks.  I thought that was BRILLIANT!   A real bohemian gathering----RATHER than a LIST with posts threatening to become unrelated instantly.......WELL--I probably just don't get how it works yet.  I'll certainly try.

4.)  OK---Artskiistically, it's not the sexy, cocktail lounge we're used to.  Spoiled I guess.

Black, Red, Yellow, White---those are the Alchemical colors, YA KNOW!!  Plus a little gray for STYLE.   That's kinda hard to BEAT.

Grateful, really, for the work and creativity...
but that's my NUTSHELL so far.

Tell me how to make a little post there, and I'll try some more.


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