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Posted by Chris Hager on 04/24/02 - 20:20:57
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I'm not thrilled with some of the rules and restrictions that I just came across.  I think that for the most part, the various visitors on the A-Deck control themselves rather well in regard to staying within certain guidelines.  When they don't, the other posters usually jump on the offender and give him/her a sound verbal thumping.  Also, some of the more entertaining posts have been somewhat borderline, and that kind of humor and openness is something that I wouldn't want to lose.  Plus, the current A-Deck is so darn easy to use, I'm willing to give up better archiving and settle for printing out anything I want to keep.  Sorry, Artski, no offense, but I think the pooch was screwed on this one.   Cordially, CWH

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