Mtn. View, California

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/24/02 - 19:17:24
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Sounds great!! Kara really wants to see Lynyrd Skynyrd. Works out perfectly. As for the Hall of Fame Lynyrd Skynyrd should be in there, but I don't think I'll be in Cleve-land anytime soon(but you never know, do you?). They hold the ceremonies in New York right? Sounds like some sub-par booking agent from the age of the dinasaurs decided on the location for the actual Hall of Fame. JS will pick up new/Skynyrd fans indeed. But it's also not a far stretch of the imagination why SOME of the 'faithful' cringe at the thought of opening for the worlds most famous redneck rock n roll band. Obviosly JS is opening. Who cares? Not me. I get to see my favorite band. I'm sure the California Skynyrd fan base is different than that of "the south" where I lived(6yrs), played, and left. They HAVE to be...We will see. Coming Don?  :)

   P.S.Did I mis-spell...dag nabbit I'll go shoot myself now.

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